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With this amazing industrial strength Magnetic Tool Holder, your tools will always be within an arms reach and easy to find.

The powerful magnets securely hold tools that weigh up to 40 pounds like gorilla glue, so you don't have to worry about them falling. The Magnetic Tool Holders will mount anywhere, kitchens, garages, workshops, service stations, and even inside trucks and vans.


✅ Allows tools to be kept off the workbench or floor so the user has more work area and organization

✅ Industrial Strength magnets

✅ Magnets are strong and durable

✅ Easy to hold and clean

✅ Can also be used inside drawers and toolboxes to stay organized

✅ Bright blue labels allow for easy recognition and location

✅ Comes complete with installation hardware and instructions

With this tool, you can throw away almost all your other tools. Features of this wrench will amaze you! You can declutter your toolbox and get rid most of the tools because this Power Wrench X will easily replace all of them.

Made with Aloy steel... a strong, long-lasting and anti-rusting material. It can do the job of forty-eight tools, all combined in one. Thanks to the great size, you can easily store in your toolbox.


✅The tool features differently sized nuts.

✅You can switch between these sizes with just one click.

✅With a full circle rotation, approaching any angle won't be a problem.

Complete all of the screwing tasks quicker than ever before!