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  • Just fill the domino brick cartridge with the bricks, place it into the top of the train, and press the start button. The train will then start to move forward and drop bricks intermittently behind it. The bricks will be spaced perfectly apart to be knocked down!
  • The automatic domino brick laying robot comes with 60 domino bricks, is powered by 2 AA batteries, and will come as either red or transparent in color (random selection).
  • The domino brick laying train will play sounds and project lights when it's turned on, and you can even direct the train to turn left or right while laying bricks by turning the yellow funnel on the top of it.

  • High-quality safety foam ball made of EVA foam, lightweight, safe and harmless.
  • Digital liquid crystal, record score. The bubble ball that breaks into the mouth will count towards the score display
  • Hit the target wonderful sound. When the ball hits the duck's mouth, it will make a funny sound
  • This air pump shooting target game develops eye-hand coordination, can involve the child's imagination, eye-hand coordination and recognition of the colour and form.
  • For Ages 6 and up. Because the toy contains a small ball, not for children under 3 yrs. Do not put the balls into the mouth to avoid accidental swallowing!

The Math Boosting Scale Monkey is an educational game that aims to teach the 3+ years the basics of mathematics, visually and playfully. With the help of the scale, children will have a better understanding of the equalities and differences between the numbers.

Each little monkey weighs 1 gram, and the numbers weigh their amount, so for example, the number “6” weighs 6 grams. So you can create many combinations to teach little ones to calculate well beyond 10.

  • Feature:

    ✅ Promotes the development of small
    ✅ Very good for nursery classes
    ✅ Children learn while having fun
    ✅ Cute little animals make learning fun
    ✅ For ages 3 and up
    ✅ The game Introduces a competitive element, healthy for the child
    ✅ Product not found in stores
    ✅ Each package includes: x1 balance, x19 small monkeys, x30 playing cards (double-sided)

    Package Content:

    • 30X Double-sided card

    • 19X small monkey

    • 10X digital model

    • 1 x balance


✅ The "Penguin Ice Breaker" Comes with Spinner That Tells You Which Color Tile To Knock Out!!

✅ Great Interactive Game for Friends and Family

✅ Develops Creating Plans and Problem Solving

✅ Makes a Great Gift And Game to Play at a Party


This Portable Potty is a good helper that you can use anywhere, whenever you're in the car, outside, or even in the road of traveling, this cute Portable Potty will solve your urgent problems within minutes.


    • [3-In-1 Functions] ---- The combination of potty seat, potty topper, and stepstool in just one item saves your money, allowing your kids to gain confidence when using the bathroom as a beginner which can be used for boys and girls.
    • [Easy To Use And Clean] ---- Just take it out and unfold it to a potty seat easily without complex installation steps within a few minutes, put a bag on it and then kids can begin to use it. With the bag, you just need to throw the bag after using and wipe the chair.
    • Stable - The bottom is covered with TPR, non-slip and stable enough for baby to seat.
    • Portable - Lightweight and foldable design make it convenient to carry for the outgoing or traveling.


Size: 26*16*16cm
Color: Yellow
Material: Plastic
Packing: Box
Applicable age: 12 months or more