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The Math Boosting Scale Monkey is an educational game that aims to teach the 3+ years the basics of mathematics, visually and playfully. With the help of the scale, children will have a better understanding of the equalities and differences between the numbers.

Each little monkey weighs 1 gram, and the numbers weigh their amount, so for example, the number “6” weighs 6 grams. So you can create many combinations to teach little ones to calculate well beyond 10.

  • Feature:

    ✅ Promotes the development of small
    ✅ Very good for nursery classes
    ✅ Children learn while having fun
    ✅ Cute little animals make learning fun
    ✅ For ages 3 and up
    ✅ The game Introduces a competitive element, healthy for the child
    ✅ Product not found in stores
    ✅ Each package includes: x1 balance, x19 small monkeys, x30 playing cards (double-sided)

    Package Content:

    • 30X Double-sided card

    • 19X small monkey

    • 10X digital model

    • 1 x balance